Throwback Thursday: little Lily!

#TBT:  Batman Lily!


I can’t tell you how much I love this little girl.  She was about 5-6 months old here and was the CUTEST Batman ever!

Hope ya’ll had a good Thursday!



Tuesday Outings With Lily


Life will Lily is an adventure.

She has the same visitation schedule as my kids do when they visit their dad so some nights she’s with me, other nights she’s with them.  She always has a great time because he has two other dogs, Rex and Mia, who love playing with her.  It’s like sleeping over a friend’s house but when she comes home… she is HAPPY (and tired).

Today I took the kids to get donuts and when I was taking her out to go potty, she jumped in the car and refused to get out.  So, she came too 🙂

Lily wanted donuts!

We ended up going to a park to play and eat and here she is giving me her “I want what you have” face.  So of course, she got a few donut holes.  I don’t feed her ‘table food’ often but she’s Lily and some times she gets donuts. 🙂Lily June 23, 2015

We then went to Petco and tried on a Thundershirt for her.  A thundershirt is like a swaddle blanket in the form of a shirt for dogs.  It gives them the feeling of being hugged and is supposed to calm their nerves.  She’s slightly anxious, especially when we are in unfamiliar places so I want to pick one up for her because we’re preparing her to get certified as a therapy dog before summer is over.

After we tried it in, she also got a few bones and saw some ferrets.  Now she’s sleeping in my bed!

Which is where I’m headed, gotta love summer break 😉

See ya tomorrow!