Your Outgoing Introvert


 Hiiiii!  I’m Ashley- your OUTGOING INTROVERT blogger/singer/mother/animal activist wannabe/happy almost 30 year old.

So, I spent a good majority of my life being totally confused with being an “outgoing introvert.”  I didn’t fully connect with the people who were outgoing, social butterflies nor did I fully connect with the more reserved sides of introverts.  In fact, because of the negative connotations of introverts I always wanted to deny that side of me but the truth is I am one.  And I really, really like that side of me.

I love people and social gatherings but LOVE going home to a quiet bed.  I enjoy going to the movies by myself but also like grabbing drinks in a loud bar with good friends.  Walking in creeks alone is one of my favorite hobbies, so is going to concerts with lots of people.  I can be the life of the party and I can sit at a bar by myself, both of those things make me equally happy… just depends on the day.  I can be a nerdy loner or a social butterfly.  I have no judgment on either side of my personality.  Niether one is better than the other, it took a good decade to get to this point.  I love all aspects of myself and am learning all parts of my personality can really help to create the life I wanted.  I just had to stop fighting who I was 😉

Once I learned I am a Highly Sensitive Person it completely changed my life.  Everything about my past made that much more sense and everything about my future become a little bit more clear.  I’m almost 30, I’m nowhere near having all my dreams come true but I invite you on the journey with me because I am ready to embrace every part of me and use it to my advantage to create the life I want!

Thanks for reading!  ❤


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