Finally, That Day Has Come

You can tell something is bad for you when it causes you nothing but grief but some times a part of you still wants it.  Almost like a drug.  Digging into WHY we still want it can open up a chapter of ourselves we have yet discovered.  Or maybe a chapter we were just hiding from.  Either way, it’s still a great learning experience if you can get past the bitterness.

I swear, the same lesson that has been knocking on my door for the last year and I refused, with all my might, to face it.  I made excuses, denied, turned a blind eye to certain things that never added up.  It caused me a bunch of nights feeling really shitty about myself.

A bunch of wasted days focusing on something I cannot nor could I have ever changed.  Sadly, it can be extremely frustrating being on the receiving end of bullshit but it’s even more frustrating knowing you’re the only person who put yourself there.  Some people don’t change.  Or maybe their habits change for a moment but deep down, in their core, the same mentality and way of living still exists.

Being an empath, it takes a lot for me to walk away from something.  I feel so incredibly tied to things that touch me it almost seems wrong to leave.  A major fault of mine is feeling so loyal that I put up with nonsense for far too long.  BUT ya know what, there comes a day… a point in your life… a moment when the lights turn on and you can see things for what they actually are.  And you can say to yourself, this is not my battle to fight.  And walk away without guilt, shame or feeling like you’ve abandoned anyone.  Finally, that day has come.  I noticed how wonderful life can be despite not going according to MY plan.

Trust and have faith… Life was meant to be lived happily ❤


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