Romeo, the Lover


He’s quiet & reserved. Only barks if he feels threatened (as in, loud & abrupt noises or if another dog gets a little too close).

He listens well but can be stubborn when he knows it’s time to go in his crate. Meaning, he will drop all his 70+ lbs to the ground and I will have to push him to it. I bet it’s funny to see because he doesn’t make a peep. Oh, and he loves Lily. Like, really really really loves her.


He’s so handsome! And he is SUCH.A.LOVER! Just take a look at these pictures. Almost a month with us and we all (minus one of my emotional cats) are adjusting so well.


#AdoptDontShop #RescuingSavesLives


5 thoughts on “Romeo, the Lover

  1. Romeo is gorgeous ! I have a pit named calypso and a rotti masttiff named Harley . People judge them so harshley . It makes me angry because they are my babies and I know how loving and wonderful they are. I would love to meet romeo and I’d love for you to meet my babies . Email me back

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