Novocain & Chocolate

Sooo, I had to get 5 cavities filled yesterday.  Yes, 5.  I brush, floss and mouthwash regularly but hey, whatever, this is still a funny story.

Five cavities require a lot of Novocain.  3 really uncomfortable, long shots worth of it!  Which ended up making the whole entire left side of my face numb.  From my top of my ear to the bottom of my neck; cheek, mouth and half my tongue!  The filings were pretty quick and didn’t hurt at all but my face was still numb and tingly for about 3 hours later.


#fatlip #totallynumb #notcute

After, Christian, my 4 year old, and I left the dentist we went to Giant Eagle to pick up a few things.  Since I could barely feel anything in my mouth I decided to get this low-fat chocolate mousse stuff to make.  I figured it would be easy to eat and hello- it’s chocolate flavored!  So we get home,  I get Christian situated and I make the mousse.  It only took about 20 minutes or so which was good because I needed to clean up a few things in my apartment before the repair man showed up.

A few weeks ago my heat stopped working and my landlord was sending someone to fix it.  Twenty minutes goes by, Christian is watching Clifford, living room is straightened up, I’m about to read a book and try the mousse.  I still couldn’t feel anything on my left side and part of my tongue so eating felt really silly!  But I managed to get a few good mouthfuls in, lick my lips to “clean up” my face and put my bowl away right before my doorbell rang.

Yay, the guy was here!  I let him in, was excited to see if he could fix it.  We had been living off a space heater for the last two weeks.  Some nights my apartment would be in the 50’s!  So to say I was excited it was going to get taken care of would be an understatement.  I open the door, let him in and showed him around.  He needed to check the air pressure valve which was found in the closet in my kids room.  While he did that my alarm went off to get Hannah off the bus.  I told him I’d be right back,then took Lily downstairs to wait for Hannah.

In good ol’ Ashley fashion I decided to take a picture of me and Lily.  My phones out, camera on and as soon as I pressed the “front facing mirror” button I notice I have chocolate mousse ALL OVER the left side of my mouth.  I’m talking on my lips, all over cheek and chin.  Sooo terrible!  I had just looked this guy straight in the face while talking to him and showing him around my whole apartment.  All while I had a face full of chocolate!

Good thing I don’t take myself too seriously, all I could do was laugh.  He finished up while I was still waiting.  As he walked downstairs, I put my hair in front of my mouth, my face angled down, thanked him and then turned around.

Funny funny.  Life can be silly sometimes 🙂


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