Puppy Love <3

World Meet LILY ❤

Hound/Lab Mix – DOB: 5/16/13


Sooo this is LILY!  She’s the newest addition to the family and I couldn’t love her anymore.  I’m typically a cat person but I fell in love with her instantly!!  How adorable is she?!  Look at those floppy ears and little face!  She was an early gift to my daughter, Hannah, for her 7th birthday from her dad.  His intention was to keep her at his place but he already has a 3.5 year old Pitt/Retriever dog and isn’t home during the day so we somehow managed to get her.  Not saying she’s mine permanently but for right now she’s our baby!!


She has the nose of a hound and the disposition of a lab.  She is SO sweet and calm (usually).  She loves to snuggle, go for walks, kinda play fetch (when she’s in the mood) and is almost potty trained….almost!!!  I haven’t heard her howl yet which I’m hoping she does but her bark right now is pretty loud.  She was in a foster home before Charlie got her and they are expecting her to be around 60-80 lbs!


Yesterday I was out running errands and when I came home she wiggled that little butt of hers soooo much and peed like crazy!  She was so excited to see me.  Like I said, I’m usually a cat person (we have two who I LOVE a lot) but this little pup is the best.


The kids absolutely adore her too!!!  As soon as they get off the bus they are looking for her.  They both are able to take her for a walk too because she isn’t that strong yet which is a good thing to start doing at a young age.  She’s 16 weeks old today!  Happy FOUR months Lily Monster!!  I’ve never owned a dog before so I’m learning as we go, researching and reading a lot about what to do and what not to do.  We are going for our orientation at PetSmart next Wednesday.  I want to train her now so she is a very well-behaved dog when she’s older.




Look at that face!!!!  You would think adding a new puppy into the mix would make things a little more stressful but the complete opposite has happened.  She’s been awesome to have around, a positive addition to our life 🙂  Love her to death!!




8 thoughts on “Puppy Love <3

    • Thanks Barb!! I’m hoping we get to too, or at least have her the same schedule I have my kids (which is a lot anyhow). She’s the sweetest, most calm 4 month old pup ever! 🙂

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