Not A White Christmas…but that’s okay :)

A somewhat strange and nontraditional Christmas

No snow.  No mashed potatoes.

No trucking the kids to place to place to place…

But this year was good.  A little sad but good.  We spent the night at Charlie’s so the kids could wake up at their home (sadly, a place I still consider my home too) on Christmas morning.  It was really nice to see the kiddies coming down the stairs to A TON of presents, Rexie going crazy, Mom taking pictures as usual and Dad, drinking coffee, getting excited about each present.

Part of me felt like someone picked all of us up and put us in my old life, a year or two ago.  It was such a bizarre feeling.  Well worth the mix of emotions (and tears), on my part, just to see how happy the kiddies were.  They got soooo much stuff this year!  And then they spent the whole day with Charlie visiting his Grandma and dad.

I stayed home, got to dress like a bum, ate a piece pizza, had a small bowl of ice cream and napped for about 4 hours.  Probably the most relaxing Christmas I’ve had in a LONG time.  I thought it would be a little lonely but it really wasn’t.  Minus not having the snow, it was a good holiday.  Hope yours was too!



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