Hannah’s Pre-School Open House

Pre-School Open House 🙂

Friday, August 26, 2011

We had Hannah’s Pre-School open house on Friday!  I am so excited for her to start, her teacher and teacher’s assistant are super nice, the room is fun and there’s only SIX kids in her class!  SIX!  There’s potential for 12 but as of right now she is 1 of the 6 kids.  Monday-Thursday; 12:35-3:15.  She’s going to learn and grow so much, I’m happy to hear about all the fun things she’ll be doing this year.  Take a look at the pictures of her and her classroom 🙂

Writing her name, something she'll do every morning.

Getting "pet" by a classmate ha ha!

By her locker!

I have a feeling she'll be over here A LOT on their "free time" to play.

Painting 🙂

Bud Bud painting!

I looove this picture!

Playing 🙂

What they're assigned to do as helpers for each week.

My Big Girl 🙂


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