The time has come…

Hanny Bananny starts Pre-School in a week!

What am I going to do without her?!

Better question, what is her teacher going to do with her? he he…

Hannah is very smart (and I know ALL parents think that) but if you met her, you’d understand.  It’s not like talking to a 4 year old.  She uses words like complicated, motivation, actually, in fact, among many others.  She picks up on details, specifics and when something doesn’t make sense…she’ll point it out.  There are times I am in the middle of “yelling” at her (and I use the word yelling very very loosely) and I will mess up on what I’m saying and guess who points it out?  Hannah.

She’s bright.  She’s social.  She’s charming.  She’s expressive. 

She gets what she wants without even trying.  She’s FUNNY. 

I’m sure she will be loved by many and have a wonderful first year at Pre-School but I know next Monday I will be shedding quite a few tears.  I remember the day I brought her home from the hospital and now I’ll be dropping her off at school.  She tells me I can’t call her baby anymore but that’s what she’ll always be- my baby.  Must stop writing now…I can feel the tears coming!


2 thoughts on “The time has come…

  1. Time seems to move unfairly fast when it comes to our kids! We all want our children to learn and grow and become independent, but at the same time we want them to keep their innocence and remain “little”!! My daughter is now double digits and all I can think about is how she’ll be off to college in less years than she’s been around!

    We have to capture as many moments as possible and be present, not just be there… and at the same time we must be strong with them because while they’ll enjoy all the fun times with us, it’s the lessons that we teach them that will stay with them forever!

    • Very well written and so true. Being present is key and with how busy we all are it can be hard but it’s possible. If I could like your comment on here, I would! 🙂

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